5 ways to enjoy your Raw Tarts (there’s one for every occasion!)

We must admit. A lovely, sweet chocolate bar often tastes amazing.

For about five minutes. After which you crash back to earth in a sugar-fuelled slump – usually with a side-serving of guilt for succumbing, once again, to the promise of a quick energy boost. So what’s the alternative?

Enter the Raw Tart.

Sweet? Yep.

With a gooey, chocolatey, luxurious filling? Of course!

And yet, our Raw Tarts are free from added sugar and almost entirely organic.

In fact, one glance at the ingredients list will make you feel positively virtuous about taking five minutes to enjoy one with a cup of tea.

But don’t be fooled into thinking they’re only suitable for the odd afternoon snack. You and your family can enjoy them at any time of day. We’ve come up with five occasions you can justify one of these decadent (yet so nutritious) tarts, whatever your lifestyle.

(And, to be honest, even if none of these reasons work for you, just have one anyway. Ah, go on – you’ll never regret it!)

1. Breakfast

Why not swap your bowl of muesli for a Raw Fig & Walnut Tart. Jam-packed full of organic dates and jumbo oats, serve with a glass of juice or some chopped fresh fruit to properly kick-start your day.

Liberty Loves Raw Tarts for brekky2. Morning tea

Whether you’re trying to brighten up a morning in the office or have invited friends round for coffee, create a sharing platter from a couple of your favourites. The Raw Raspberry Tart and Raw Coffee & Walnut Tart work really nicely together.

Liberty Loves vegan Raw Tarts 3. On the go energy

If your day is anything like ours, you’re generally rushing around while trying to squeeze in meals and snacks around all your other commitments. Meetings, school run, gym class…

Banish that squished banana from the bottom of your handbag right now! Raw Tarts travel really well and provide a great energy hit whenever you need it. The protein-packed Raw Chocolate and Peanut Butter Tart is an ideal choice to keep you going.Liberty Loves Raw Tarts on the go

4. Healthy snack for the kids

Most after-school scenarios go something like this:

Kids – Get home, act like they haven’t eaten for a week, request immediate snacks.

You – Still have a million-and-one things to do before dinner, want to provide something quick and easy, reach for the treat drawer.

All you have to do is stock that drawer with a few Raw Tarts and not only are the kids benefitting from a nutritious, low-GI snack (to avoid the dreaded 5pm sugar spikes), they think you’re amazing for providing a delicious chocolate snack.


Liberty Loves Raw Tarts on the go5. After dinner

If you haven’t had your daily Raw fix yet (and even if you have), we have an amazing dessert for you. Crumble some Raw Raspberry Tart onto a serving of fresh banana ice cream, it tastes incredible. Even better, the recipe is coming soon in the next blog post!

For our full list of tarts, check out our website. We’d love to hear how you enjoy a Raw Tart too. Even better, send us a photo! You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

What have we been up to?

Festival season is well and truly underway now, and we’ve just come back from Vegfest Brighton. It was great to see so many of you there enjoying a sunny day by the seaside. Even better was the feedback we received on our Raw Tarts and brownies. Particular thanks to subscribers of Vegan Tuck Box who sampled Liberty Loves Raw Tarts in this month’s box and came looking for more! You can order any of our products right now on the website.

Thank you!

Thanks to our lovely stockists around Somerset who are now selling Liberty Loves products. Special thanks to Trading Post in Lopenhead, selling fresh, local and organic produce, and our newest customer, Bean Shot Coffee in Sherborne, who serve amazing, freshly roasted coffee. It’s great working with you all.

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