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One of my favourite emerging vegan suppliers

Firstly, hello to all our new followers! It’s great to have you here.

One of my favourite parts of attending food fairs and vegan events is the people we meet who share a love of great food. Earlier this month I spent time with the inspiring Lucy and Daisy from Queen Picnic at Summer Fest London. Their homemade vegan buns are amazing, especially their Carrots Swimming Upstream, which was simply sublime. Tasting just like smoked salmon and cream cheese, it’s hard to believe it’s totally vegan – you must try it if you come across one of their pop-up restaurants. You can find dates on their website.

Liberty Loves_Queen Picnic

Look who’s joined the Liberty Loves team

I now have a specialist raw-tart-case-maker! Tracy has been with us two weeks and has quickly become part of the furniture. Tracy’s no stranger to the Liberty Loves family; we first met more than 20 years ago – not in a kitchen, but in a car salesroom of all places.

We only worked together for a month (and spent most of that time chatting and laughing). When I moved to Australia, our friendship continued over the phone – with my voice increasingly slipping into the familiar Aussie twang, while Tracy’s accent remained resolutely rooted in deepest Somerset.

Thankfully we could still just about understand each other when I moved back to the UK, and my daughter and I ended up heading to Somerset to live closer to Tracy and her family. It’s fantastic that Tracy’s now been able to join the team in the kitchen.

Liberty Loves Tracy

It’s not all laughing and taste-testing though (honest!) – there is a lot of raw-tart-case-making going on as well. Speaking of which, we’re developing a specialist botanicals range (think gin and elderflower) just in time for summer. It’s had such a great response so far I can’t wait for you all to try them.

What’s next?

If you’re in Somerset, we’ll be at Sherborne Castle on Bank Holiday Monday, so come and try some of our lovely vegan treats!

Ps If any of you stumble across a copy of June’s edition of Somerset Life, check out the feature on page 92! We were thrilled to be featured this month, especially with such a beautiful picture of our raw tarts on display.


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