Liberty Loves Raspberries And Cherries

When we say our ingredients are ‘locally sourced’, this is what we mean…

We’ve been using organic ingredients in the kitchen for a few months now, and have also been on a mission to source fresh, local produce as close to home as possible. And we’ve found some really incredible fruits and flowers growing almost on our doorstep.

Local elderflowers

Remember the gin and elderflower raw tarts I launched in the last blog? I pick the bunches of elderflowers at Ham Hill on my way to the kitchen in a morning. We’re lucky in Somerset to be surrounded by beautiful countryside, and Ham Hill is a lovely place to explore. At this time of year elderflowers grow in abundance along the hedgerows and have a really sweet, fresh fragrance.

Liberty Loves fresh elderflowers

So I gather up an armful of elderflowers on my way to work, air-dry them for a couple of weeks to bring out the flavour, and then add them to a fresh batch of raw tarts. That’s what you call local produce!

If you fancy getting creative in your own kitchen with some elderflower recipes, check out this link for some ideas and how to properly identify it.

Berries and cherries

Earlier this week I had a great visit to New Cross Fruit Farm, just five miles from our kitchen, who will soon be supplying the raspberries for our bestselling raspberry raw tarts. The lovely owners, Liz and William, gave me a mini tour of the farm so I could see where they pick the raspberries every day.

Liberty Loves fresh local raspberries

They grow an incredible array of fruits and other berries – some I hadn’t even heard of, like tayberries and chuckleberries (Yes, really! Have you tried them? They’re a cross between a redcurrant, blackcurrant and gooseberry!) They also grow morello cherries and as soon as they’re ready for picking, I’ll be heading back so I can make sour cherries. Chocolate and cherry is one of my favourite flavour combinations, so watch this space!

Liberty Loves raspberries and cherries

It was fantastic to see where our fruit grows and I love being able to support growers so close to home – I collected 5 kilos of raspberries while I was there. They’ve already been gently dehydrated, ready to add our signature zest and vibrancy to the rich raw tarts.

New summer flavours

We’ve also found some amazing blackcurrants from R.A.J. Morris, West Farm in Stoke-Sub-Hamdon, just metres from our kitchen, which we’re definitely going to incorporate in some way (let us know if you have any requests!). The deliciously tangy flavour of the blackcurrants complements the rich chocolate of the tarts so well, we can’t wait for the main harvest in a couple of weeks.

Liberty Loves blackcurrants

Welcome to our new customers!

Liberty Loves products are now being stocked in two beautiful deli cafes – The Pear Tree Deli in Sherborne and Provender in South Petherton. Please go and visit them, they serve wonderful fresh food and both have a lovely ambience inside if you just fancy sitting down for tea and a slice of homemade cake. (Tip for the non-vegans: check out the Somerset cheese selection in Provender – it’s meant to be amazing.)

What’s on the festival agenda?

We’re off to the Shake & Stir Vintage Festival in Bournemouth next weekend, from 1-2 July. If you haven’t visited our stall before, we have loads of products and flavour combinations to taste, and most people end up buying a stash to take home with them! We hope to see you there.

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