An Easter Update

Hello and Happy Easter (almost)!

We have been very busy here in the kitchen recently! You may want our shop on standby, we have some mouth-watering newbies to offer you…

First things first, an awards update. We attended the Free From Food Awards on 20thMarch and won! Our Raw Mince Pie Tarts wowed the judges and won gold in the Tea Time category.

We cannot begin to explain our gratitude and the award has pushed us onwards and upwards into creating some amazing new flavours for you. Speaking of which…

Introducing, Snickeroodle and Mint Choc Chip!

First up: Snickeroodle. This peanut-inspired Raw Tart resembles a much-loved ‘Snickers’ bar, but is gluten-free, refined-sugar free and healthier!

We have received great reviews about this tart and already know it’s going to be a firm favourite.

Mint Choc Chip: A highly requested, refreshing flavour that is perfect for dessert or on the go. The chocolate top hides a thick, peppermint layer. Simple, decadent and delicious.

And finally, new on the cookie menu – Raw Beetroot, Sour Cherry and Ginger Cookies.

These cookies have been lovingly created and mastered by the Liberty Loves team. Filled with oats and dehydrated sour cherries, these nutty treats get their colour from beetroot powder and kick from stem ginger. The simple list of all-natural ingredients proves that food does not have to be complicated to be delicious!

The Raw Tarts and Cookies are now available to purchase through our website. Please email wholesale purchase.

Vegan Life Live

On the weekend of the 9thand 10thMarch, we attended the Vegan Life Live festival. It was a great opportunity to meet both existing and new customers and spread the Liberty Love.

Keep your eye on our Instagram for updates! This is where we announce upcoming events, competitions and new treats. It’s also a good place to suggest new treat ideas.

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