Growing the team and the business (with a new nut-free zone!)

Thanks to everyone who responded to our shout-out for a new team member. We’re excited to announce that the Liberty Loves team has grown by two!

Meet Stacy, our new nut butter specialist

…And Mel, who’ll be helping with the raw tarts and fulfilling our ever increasing order book.

Why did Mel and Stacy want to work for Liberty Loves?


I love exploring creative ways of making food more accessible & healthier for the body, and I really believe in the ethos of helping to provide delicious, healthy alternatives using beautiful, natural ingredients. 


I’m excited to work for an independent business that has an ethos I passionately believe in, making food that is healthy but totally delicious! 

We’re really looking forward to working together – developing more products and flavour combinations, and ultimately growing the Liberty Loves brand. Like Mel and Stacy acknowledged, there’s a real gap in the market for people looking for healthy yet indulgent snacks and treats, and we think our natural, organic, vegan products do exactly that.

A nut-free zone

It’s not only the Liberty Loves team that’s expanding this month. We’re opening our second kitchen! Work is taking place as we speak to develop the building adjoining our current premises and most importantly, we’ll be designating it a nut-free zone. We take allergens and dietary requirements really seriously and with raw tarts being produced in the same kitchen as nut butters, we’ve been limited in what we can promise our customers about cross-contamination.

So we’ll move all nut-free products, including raw tarts, into the new kitchen. Stacy will take over as nut butter specialist, enhancing and perfecting our range, in the original kitchen.

We’ll be holding a launch party very soon to show all local customers and businesses what they can expect from the new and improved operation. Everyone’s welcome, details coming soon.

Looking for a celebration size cake?

By popular demand we’ve supersized our raw tarts, which now come in a 6-inch celebration size as well as the original individual portion. Made with organic ingredients, the large gluten-free, vegan tarts split into 8 generous servings and are available on our website for collection or local delivery now. Enjoy!

Liberty Loves Large Raw Tarts

Where are we this month?

This weekend we’re at the Lymington Seafood Festival along with 50 other artisan producers and eateries. If you love seafood (or raw tarts!), come down and say hi.

Then on 16th August we’re off to the Gillingham & Shaftesbury Show, a huge agricultural show in North Dorset. If you’re heading down to the South West over the summer holiday, have a look at our events schedule and see if we’re attending a festival near you.

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