I care about what I’m putting in to my body. I also care about what I’m putting in to yours…

At Liberty Loves, we believe in treating your body right. That’s why our products are handmade with only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients, ensuring each treat is not only delicious, but also nutritious.

Over the years, our methods have evolved, all with the aim of creating wholesome food. We have worked hard to create treats that have a great taste and support a healthy lifestyle. Our brand-new products follow these holistic values; introducing Love Bites! Available in Apple & Blackcurrant and Brownie with Toffee.






The Apple & Blackcurrant bites are made with 4 simple ingredients: medjool dates, gluten free oats, dehydrated apples and dehydrated blackcurrants. Yes, that really is it. Blackcurrants are an excellent source of fibre and vitamin C. The seeds contain essential oils that help ease inflammation in the body and have plenty of antioxidants to boost the immune system.

Gemma Walker (Instagram @gemfood.fit) shared with us how much she enjoys our love bites as a pre- or post-gym boost.

“I always want to fuel my body with the best foods, even when I treat myself. Liberty Loves products are an ideal choice, they satisfy my sweet tooth and all the while I know I am staying on track and making healthy choices! Nuts and seeds are not only important as part of a healthy diet, but they contain a good amount of protein needed to build muscle. It is vital to consume enough protein when weight training. That is why I choose Apple & Blackcurrant Love Bites or Pecan Pie Tarts to compliment my gym plan.”

The freshness of each bite makes them the perfect summer snack. They are ideal for sharing, (or gobbling all to yourself) whilst taking some much-needed time in the sunshine.

Gemma finds our treats perfect for sharing with friends.

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Out with the old, in with the new

We believe it is possible to make delicious treats by stripping the process back to basics.

We want our treats to provide you with as much goodness as possible, which is why we keep them raw. Raw foods hold all of their natural nutrients, there is no heating process involved and therefore no chance for these nutrients to be destroyed. Not only do we aim to keep our processes simple, but our ingredients too. This is why we now keep our products free from refined sugar.

In line with our move towards a wholly raw, refined sugar-free product range, this summer marks the end of our legendary brownies.

To celebrate this, we are giving you one last chance to win one of two brownie slabs (approx. eight slices): Raspberry or Walnut. 

Simply head over to Instagram and follow these steps to enter:

  1. MUST be following @libertylovesuk and @gemfood.fit
  2. Like @libertylovesuk latest post (posted 16th August 2018)
  3. Comment on the post which brownie flavour is your favourite: Raspberry or Walnut!

The two winners will be announced in next month’s blog post. Good luck!

When one door closes, another door opens, and we haven’t pushed aside our die-hard brownie fans. Look out for our brand-new ‘Brownie with Toffee’ Love Bites! With the luxury of a brownie, but holding raw, organic goodness.

Find us at…

A selection of our raw tarts and biscotti are now available at;

Summer Lodge Hotel, Evershot

The Old Piggery, Wareham

Vintage Rose Tea rooms, Storrington – West sussex

Find a list of all stockists here.

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