The power of the mind

Forget the ‘January blues’ – how about the rest of the year? There is all this talk of ‘new year, new me’, but how do you stick to your goals? Goal-setting is all the rage in January but ceases to be a hot topic in February. However, it is just as important to carry your goals through the rest of the year. In January’s blog post, we touched on attaching personal meaning to your goals to help achieve them. This gives you motivation throughout the year to keep aiming high and achieving even higher. Another dimension of success is in the power of the mind.

Now stick with me for this bit. Don’t disregard this word until you’ve given it a chance…


‘The practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude.’

Simple, yet effective. Easily overlooked. Perceivably difficult to maintain. But it works.

Much of what we achieve comes from the mind. Your mindset can either hinder or empower you. Viewing something with optimism can change the outcome. Choosing to focus on yourself and your goals is step one. Choosing to view them with positivity and determination is step two. And then comes step three – success. And all that lies between step one and three is the commitment you make to focus on yourself. Choose you; choose your goals; choose your happiness.

Ask yourself this question: what is stopping you?

I am not being naïve here. We all know that the practicalities of life and mundane responsibilities can get in the way. But by changing your mindset, introducing a positive mental attitude and deciding each day is another opportunity to make a small step towards your goal, you will begin to see progress.

It’s a process. Sometimes it’s a slow one, but it’s a process all the same. View your goals with optimism and determination and you can truly unlock what you are capable of.

New Year, New Look

This topic of positive mental attitude all comes from a place of gratitude. Here at Liberty Loves, we have seen a great start to the new year. We have gained twelve new customers already, ranging from Devon and Cornwall to Bristol and Wales. The kitchen expansion is greatly improving our productivity and as a result, a new tasty treat is on the horizon – keep your eyes peeled!

We have remodelled our packaging – here is our new look:

Look out for our treats in health food stores and cafés!

We recently had great success at the Source trade show in Exeter. We discovered lots of inspiring businesses who align with our ethos and we engaged in empowering conversations with like-minded individuals. We gained seven new customers from the trade show alone, all of whom we are delighted to be working with.

We are beyond happy with the success we are seeing from the hard work the whole team have been putting in.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – THANK YOU! To the universe, to the team and most importantly to you.

I hope you have been given some motivation on this cloudy February day that there is always a silver lining. Keep doing you – it is appreciated, and you CAN achieve what you set your mind to. This is YOUR journey. Work on you, for you, and you will not be disappointed. This is the attitude we are finishing February with here at Liberty Loves and the attitude we will begin March with and carry through the rest of the year. With hard work, we know we can continue to achieve our goals. We believe you can achieve yours, too.

In last month’s blog, we discussed Veganuary and how much a plant-based diet not only helps your body, but the environment, too. We would love to know how you got involved with Veganuary, tag us on Instagram!

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